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Alternative Education Resource Organization (AERO) - AERO helps people who want to change education to a more empowering and holistic form. It helps individuals and groups of people who want to start new community schools, public and private, or change existing schools. It also provides information to people interested in homeschooling their children, or finding private or public alternative schools.

Christian Homeschool Forum (CHF) - The CHF CompuServe forum has 23 message sections, 10 libraries, conference rooms, and chat and group discussion capabilities, all in a private atmosphere filled with love and fellowship, encouragement and help, information and suggestions. Members participate on the forum for a variety of reasons, but in the end it is in the giving to each other that we all receive.

Homeschool Support Groups and Organizations - homeschool organizations listed by state with links to their homepages.

Home Schooling Daily

Jon's Homeschool Resource Page -school resources, research and links to many other organizations.

Kaleidoscapes discussion forum - Web-based bulletin boards for homeschoolers to exchange ideas and discuss home educational issues.

National Homeschool Association (NHA) - The NHA exists to advocate individual choice and freedom in education, to serve those families who choose to homeschool, and to inform the general public about home education.

National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI) - NHERI's forte is in the realm of research, statistics, data, facts, demographics, the academic world, consultation, academic achievement tests, and expert witness while serving people ranging from researchers, educators, teachers, policy makers, the media, home schoolers, parents in general, marketing consultants, and the general public.




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