Experiential Education

Changing Schools through Experiential Education. ERIC Digest. Authors: Stevens, Peggy Walker; Richards, Anthony. In its efforts to restructure schools, the education community has begun to address the challenge of designing a curriculum that young people find significant. This Digest describes how experiential education can help provide such a curriculum and the impact it can have on students, teachers, administrators, and school organizational structures. It also describes ways experiential education can help educators make the transition from a traditional program to an activity-based program requiring the collaboration of teachers and students.

Experiential Education Resources on the Internet AEE Guide to Experiential Education Resources on the Internet.

Experiential Education...in a nutshell. Brief overview of experiential education. This explanation of Experiential Education has been compiled from a variety of different sources and developed also from personal learning and opinion.

Improving Evaluation in Experiential Education by Bruce Hendricks. Evaluators and practitioners are striving to improve the future of experiential education through innovative and practical approaches to educational evaluation.

National Society for Experiential Education. The National Society for Experiential Education (NSEE) is a membership association and national resource center that promotes experienced-based approaches to teaching and learning.





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