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Online learning is a general term used to refer to learning experiences that are delivered via a computer network to learners in different physical locations. Online learning is also known as e-Learning, although that is somewhat of an ambiguous term since just about all learning has some level of "e" in it. In addition, we use technology to enhance our work and we don't call it "e-work". We also don't label other types of learning (for example we don't call reading a book "b-learning"). Therefore while eLearning and online learning are essentially the same thing, the term Online Learning is the preferred term. Both terms will be used interchangeably on this site.


An Eclectic Approach to Online Learning
Presentation by Richard Culatta and Joe Gainer
GMU Innovations in eLearning Symposium

Richard Baraniuk: Goodbye, textbooks; hello, open-source learning

What if Napster stocked textbooks? Engineering professor Richard Baraniuk talks about his vision for Connexions, an open-source system that lets teachers share digital texts and course materials, modify them and give them to their students -- all free, thanks to Creative Commons licensing.

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Web 2.0 Tools for Developing eLearning

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Mobile Learning

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