Types of Learning Management Systems

The following list shows the available open source and commercial LMS and LCMS products

Open Source LMS and LCMS Products

ATutor - [description coming soon]
Anaxagora - [description coming soon]
Bodington - Virtual Learning Environment/Learning Management System
Docebo - In use in corporate and higher education settings. Offers support for a number of different learning models and is compatible with SCORM 1.2 and 2004. It offers interfaces to external systems such as video conferencing and HR systems

eFront - The base install is quite minimalist, but this is easily extended with modules available from the site. Commercial versions with additional features are also available.

Dokeos - A very well featured LMS that also offers content authoring and video conferencing tools. Supports converting Office documents into Learning Paths. Offers user synchronisation with HR management systems such as Oracle and SAP
Claroline - Aimed more at the educational than corporate arena, this system is based around specific pedagogical principles (as is Moodle). Supports SCORM content as well as a built in Wiki and other online content tools.
ATutor - Actually an LCMS, ATutor also offers tools for the management of learning. The “A” stands for Accessible and it has excellent support for key accessibility standards as well as support for SCORM, IMS etc.
ILIAS - Provides testing and assessment tools as well as collaboration tools such as chat and forums, and distribution technologies like RSS and podcasts.
Interact - [description coming soon]
.LRN - Originally developed at MIT, .LRN claims to be the most widely adopted enterprise class open source LMS solution. openelms Marketed specifically as a business solution, and claims a diverse customer base that ranges from Merrill Lynch to Queens Park Rangers football club. Full-featured application for rapidly developing web-based learning communities
Manhattan Virtual Classroom - [description coming soon]
Moodle - Perhaps the most popular open source course management system. Moodle is built around a constructivist framework and is optimized for facilitated online learning.
OLAT - A well featured system in its tenth year of development. Recently the winner of the “IMS Learning Impact ‘Leadership Award’ 2009 for best open source learning platform”.
Sakai - Aimed at Universities, this project has a clear roadmap and has seem considerable development in the last few years. Backed by the Sakai Foundation which manages relationships with educational and commercial supporters.
Site@School - [description coming soon]
Ganesha - This LMS developed by Anema, has been around since 2001 and is in use in several large organisations. The site, and the LMS itself, are in French but it can be translated.
VClass - [description coming soon]

[descriptions for some of the systems provided by BarrySampson.com]

Commercial LMS Products


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