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Tip #1 - Use an aggregator

Blogs are much easier to read when using an aggregator, such as Bloglines or Google Reader. These free services allow you to read all of your feeds in one location (instead of having to visit each blog every day to find the new postings).

Tip #2 - Read unrelated blogs

Subscribe to blogs that expose you to ideas that you would not normally be exposed to otherwise. If you're in Higher Education, subscribe to a k-12 blog. If you live in the US, subscribe to some Australian blogs.

Tip #3 - Be Skeptical

After signing up for a number of blogs I decided I didn't want to invest the time necessary to keep up with the additional reading. I went to delete my aggregator account but decided to read the entries that had come in first. I found several ideas that were so helpful that I decided not to delete the account at that time. I returned about two weeks later once again to delete the - the same thing happened. Now every time I login to read my blogs I decide that I will delete my account if I don't find anything useful that day. I would invite you to do the same. 6 years later I still have my account.

As an teacher, subscribing to blogs can be an indispensable way to keep up with changes in the world, especially related to learning technologies. Hearing ideas of other instructors can help improve our own teaching as well as provide new ways for looking at a existing challenges.

The following is a list of recommended blogs for teachers (a.k.a Richard's Blogroll). If you're still not sold on the idea of reading blogs, check out my blog tips to the right. You may also be interested in checking out educational podcasts as well.


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