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Video Reflection (revised Winter 2005)

Ideas for Response Papers

Any of the following ideas could be used as a springboard for a thoughtful student reflection about the material they have been studying. Encourage students to expand on the information they have read by provided examples from their own lives and offering original insights or creative applications.

  • Write about any topic that is of specific interest to you.


The Memory Game

Display seven to ten items in front of the classroom for about 20 seconds (on a table or in an overhead). Ask the students to commit them to memory, then remove the items. Ask the students to write down what they have seen. Introduce the LOCI technique and display another list of items for them to remember.

The ...... Song

Teach your students a simple ditty that helps them to remember a rote list of items, such as president's names, state capitols, or bones. Make sure that you include movement and rhyme. Find several possibilities in the IPT 302 files under Cognitive Activities.

CUE Learning

Teach your students the acronym C. U. E., which stands for Creative, Useful and Emotional Hook. Give them several learning tasks and ask them to come up with ways to include each of these elements in a lesson plan.


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