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Innovative Learning, in partnership with Third Rail Games, believes that learning should be fun. No, that's an understatement - we believe that learning should be so engaging that you should have to pry it out of a kid's hands when it's time for bed just like... well, a game! Which is why we believe that serious games have huge untapped potential for learning.

STARTL is an organization that is dedicated to paving the way for cool new digital media learning products to move from an idea into learners’ hands. In partnership with IDEO, they build partnerships to break new ground in the education market and help to launch the next generation of digital tools for learning. 


One example of this is Hideout, which teaches children early literacy skills which they can apply in a series of games to fill their virtual hideout with crazy interactive loot. Hideout is built as an extension of SEEL, the research-based early literacy program developed at Brigham Young University.

STARTL recently announced that the Hideout team has been selected to participate in the Mobile Design Boost in San Francisco November 11-14, 2010. This page will be updated with news and information about where you can play with Hideout at the end of the Design Boost. 


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