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Using educational games opens the doors for new possibilities in teaching and learning. These serious games, if done right, can be powerful tools to encourage collaboration and critical thinking.

An increasingly popular form of educational gaming is Alternate Reality Gaming which uses the real world as a platform for delivering a social game.


Educational Gaming Resources Online

Some questions to ask when evaluating serious games

  1. How compelling or engaging was the experience?
  2. How comfortable did you feel with the game controls (interface, etc)
  3. Did you feel you were playing or learning?
  4. Did the graphic quality help or hinder the experience?
  5. What kind of instructional design could you observe in the game?
  6. Did you choose to continue on to the next level or stage when you had the opportunity?

MIT  Education Arcade

Federation of American Scientists

Research paper - Electromagnetism Supercharged!  Learning Physics with Digital Simulation Games [PDF]

Virtual Reality Games and Simulations

Does using an avitar increase your engagement with the game? How did you interact with other avitars in the virtual world?

Forio Simulation Builder - (needs a password )

Academic Gaming Organizations

Other Educational Gaming Websites


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